Scouting the NFL Draft: Forrest Lamp

The Giants Beat examines a small school product who could be a darkhorse player with the No. 23 overall selection.

It’s no secret that the New York Giants are in the market for offensive linemen across the board this offseason. Their sights are most likely set on drafting Cameron Robinson the first round, but in the off chance that Robinson is selected before the Giants pick at 23, Western Kentucky guard Forrest Lamp might be the next lineman on their list.

A reigning two-time All-Conference USA selection and a third-team Associated Press All-American, Lamp showed versatility by playing at left tackle for the past two seasons and playing nine out of 13 games at that position as a redshirt freshman. Lamp’s combination of a compact build and his athleticism make him the prototypical NFL guard.

He shows nice footwork when handling oncoming pass rushers, uses his hips to secure blocks and keeps his feet churning in order to finish them. Lamp shows great balance with his short, quick punches and gets defensive linemen to engage in hand fighting early.

Lamp is able to process and react quickly to defensive stunts and games they play on the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. Overall, scouts think he’s a legitimate NFL offensive lineman that can play up and down the line, including at center, if he can snap the ball.

Lamp’s lack of length almost assures him a spot as an interior offensive lineman, but he has the agility and quickness to handle defensive ends on the outside and the strength and technique to handle bigger defensive tackles.

His versatility makes him standout among his peers, and with an offensive line that was riddled with injuries and saw multiple players filling in at multiple positions on the offensive line last season, Forrest Lamp may fit in perfectly with the Giants. 

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