Scouting the NFL Draft: Patrick Mohames

Ben McAdoo took a special interest in the Texas Tech quarterback and he could be a solid option once Eli Manning decides to hang up the cleats.

Manhattan-- As the NFL draft draws closer, the New York Giants interest has spiked due to an overlooked and potentially undervalued quarterback out of Texas Tech. Patrick Mahomes, QB for the Red Raiders, has proved himself worthy of consideration in the draft after having a dominant season, throwing for over 5,000 yard, 41 touchdowns, and 10 interception in 2016. Mohames averaged 419.6 yards per game, had a completion percentage of 65.7% and racked up a passer rating of 156.7. Of course these numbers don't translate into success in the NFL, just ask Ryan Leaf, but this does give us a good idea of what Mohames has to offer. With the right guidance and development, he could emerge as a top QB in the league. Now that we have established that Mohames has the numbers and skills to be an NFL QB, let's take a look at his strengths and weaknesses. 


Mohames clocks in at 6'2", weighs 225 lbs. and ran the 40 yard-dash in 4.80 seconds, showing off his above average mobility. Mohames acquires the prototypical body for an NFL QB, and has the ability to work inside and out of the pocket. His mobility and arm strengths gives him confidence and enables him to make plays out of nothing. Since his first season as a freshman, his accuracy has increased, which bodes well for NFL teams, knowing he is improving with experience. He can take on defenders in space and has natural accuracy on the run. Mohames was a former baseball pitcher, allowing him to swivel his hips and deliver accurate balls towards the sidelines with power. During his pro day at Texas Tech, Mohames finished the day with a 78 yard heave, showing off his immense arm strength, according to the Houston Chronicle. He has an innate ability to feel pressure in the pocket and can release the ball with speed. He dramatizes play-action fakes, allowing for better opportunities for big gains. His relaxed mentality allows him to throw on the move, and maintain his accuracy. He has very good vision, and has learned how to throw linebackers off with his eye movement. Has very strong hands, enabling him to sell his pump fakes with ease, and is willing to fight for extra yards when outside of the pocket.


Mohames suffers from inconsistency at times, and needs to take control of the offense and show command and discipline in the pocket. He often craves big plays which can cause him to make unnecessary decisions. His consistency revolves around his discipline in the pocket, and has tendencies to go off-script which stop the flow of the offense. His feet tend to stay behind his upper body and arm which can cause his throws to be inaccurate at times. His immense arm strength can cause balls to sail, and has been known to be a thrower rather than a passer. Will evacuate the pocket prematurely, showing his lack of patience in the pocket; must be able to stand tall and wait for receivers to gain separation. He is known to be more of a scrambler reminiscent of Michael Vick, rather than a runner who can anticipate blocks, such as Marcus Marriota. 

NFL Comparison:  Jay Cutler


Mohames has the skill set to develop into a top-tier NFL QB, but he will only grow as much as he is willing to. He acquires a prototypical body and a huge arm, but needs to work on accuracy and discipline in the pocket; easily thrown off his game due to pressure which results in premature pocket evacuation. The Giants are looking for a QB to develop behind Eli Manning, and learn from the two-time super bowl winning quarterback. With the right tools, he could be the man to replace Eli. 




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