Scouting the NFL Draft: Dion Dawkins

The stout offensive lineman is a local product that could be a sleeper pick to shore up the offensive line.

Dion Dawkins was a three-year starter at Temple and is heading to the 2017 NFL Draft. Dawkins has been ranked the 6th best overall offensive lineman by and widely ranked in the top 2 for tackle and guard. Temple used Dawkins primarily in the tackle position but reports have him listed as a guard. From research, he is more fit at the tackle position. The New York Giants have been searching for answers at Dawkins’ position so he could be a solution.

The scouting report on Dawkins has many positives with easily fixed negatives. Dawkins, at 6’4” and 314lbs, is a built lineman from head to toe. His muscular upper body and solid core strength allows him to handle bull rusher defenders. The lower body of Dawkins is the most impressive as he is balance to help his rush protection game. Also, he is fluidly quick with his footwork and adding the balance makes him a prominent pass blocker.

There is a limited count of flaws with Dawkins in his scouting report. The main concern is his hands and how he uses them properly. During games, Dawkins has been said to lose defenders by misplacements and misuses of his own two hands. The result of these mistakes have been turned into offensive penalties, something Giants fans have become a custom to the last few seasons. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker for any team with Dawkins, as handwork can easily be improve over a training camp period.

The Giants will most likely be looking to boost their offensive line in the draft. Dawkins is projected to go early 2nd round so he would be available for the G-men with their first pick. It could be said it is too early for selecting the Temple guard but the Giants next pick would be the 55th overall in the second round. Dawkins will certainly be scooped by that time.

The Giants should focus on the holes they have in their roster for this draft. Dawkins could be the dirt that fills the offensive line hole that has been dug for the past seasons. He needs work but it can be a big pay off for the Giants in the long run. 

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