Scouting the NFL Draft: David Njoku

The Hurricanes tight end looks to be a promising young talent on the Giants' radar.

April 27th brings with it hope for all 32 teams in the NFL. If you can draft the next NFL superstar, you may vault your team into NFL lore as the next great dynasty. However, miss with your picks, and everything may come crumbling down. For the New York Giants, and for David Njoku out of Miami (FL), he could very well be the former. The young Miami football star could have the same impact as another former Hurricane, Jeremy Shockey.

            Miami has been known to develop a slew of quality NFL tight ends throughout the years, from the aforementioned Jeremy Shockey, to Kellen Winslow II, to current NFL tight ends such as Jimmy Graham and Greg Olsen. The 20-year-old Njoku from Cedar Grove, New Jersey could very well join this esteemed list once his career begins. At 6’4, weighing in at 247 lbs, Njoku brings a combination of speed (4.64 40 yd speed) height, as well as vertical leaping ability (37.5 vertical) that has eluded Eli Manning from the tight end position for years.

            The strengths in David Njoku’s game should provide Giants fans with plenty of excitement heading into the draft. Njoku processes great acceleration out of breaks, which will allow Eli Manning plenty of time to pick his spots and thread in an accurate pass. Njoku also seems to be a capable blocker, and has the strength to be able to be a positive when left inside. He has also shown a tendency to find openings in soft coverage. 

            Now, every prospect does have faults, that is expected out of young talent. With Njoku however, the weaknesses are big enough that they do cause some concern. The past two seasons have seen David Njoku drop eight passes the past two seasons, for a drop rate that is over 11 percent, that needs to be improved on. His route work also needs to be developed further, and needs to find the ball quicker when it is passed his way.

            Njoku did not win any awards while in college, but do not let that scare you, Njoku can play, and he can play extremely well for the Giants.

            I see Njoku as a poor mans Vernon Davis, now that is not an insult by any means, Davis was one of the most athletic players to have ever played the position of tight end. What I mean by this comparison is, if Njoku reaches his maximum potential, I can see him having the same impact Davis has had in the NFL, leading to a long career, and potential Pro Bowl bids. 

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