Scouting the NFL Draft: Nathan Peterman

As the Eli Manning era slowly comes to an end, it's time to start investigating his eventual replacement. Pittsburgh prospect Nathan Peterman, fits the bill to take the throne upon Eli's exit. He has the football IQ and physical traits to turn into a starting caliber quarterback, with a little help from the future hall of famer, "Iron Man" Manning.

As Eli Manning enters his 14th season in the NFL , the Giants' must begin looking for his eventual replacement. Although Manning has never missed a start, and seems as if he could play well into his 60's, the franchise quarterback may not fit into the Giants' offensive scheme in the near future. 


When asked about the Giants potentially drafting a quarterback this year , Eli stated, “we drafted a quarterback four years in (former backup) Ryan Nassib, so I know that's part of it. Quarterbacks are going to get drafted. I've got my job to do, and I've got to go out there and do it. Ownership and management have their job to draft the best players looking forward to the future. I understand that's part of it."


Clearly, Manning understands the situation and knows he must continue to play at a high level, or else he could be replaced sooner than later, I'm sure Tony Romo can give his two cents on being replaced. But non-the less, let’s take a look at quarterback prospect, Nathan Peterman.




Nathan Peterman is a prototypical New York Giants' quarterback. He is smooth, and has a quick set-up in the pocketHe has massive hands at ten inches, enabling him to have superb grip, and can take a hit without losing control of the ball. Peterman was a top-prospect out of Florida in high school, and has perfected his footwork, allowing him to set and re-set if forced to move in the pocket. He can deliver balls off-balance and can take off on the run if he sees an opportunity. The Giants haven't been known to draft mobile quarterbacks, but in this day and age, it's a necessary attribute. Peterman has good eye work, and can check down safeties, and linebackers that have dropped back in coverage. Has good arm strength, which can lead receivers open. His strongest attribute is his vision, which enables him to scan the field quickly for open receivers, and hit them with great timing and anticipation. Innate ability to escape the pocket and extend plays with his legs. Completed 46.2 percent of deep ball throws, showing his accuracy down the field.  




Despite Peterman's solid footwork and arm strength, he struggles with high passes on occasion. His delivery is inconsistent due to his base, and has instances where he is forced to put too much arm into his throws, rather than using his legs to provide power. He must learn to drive throws, as he tends to sail throws. On quick throws required for screens, he is sloppy on occasion and is inaccurate. Needs to choose his battles, as he attempts to be a hero when he should just kill the play. Overall, he requires a better feel for the ball and better decision making. 

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Eli Manning needs a successor, and Nathan Peterman could be the guy to replace the aging Giants icon. He acquires the ability to run an offense, but needs to improve his mechanics and confidence to run an NFL offense at a high level. This year’s draft has a ton of developmental prospects, and taking a chance on Peterman couldn't hurt. 


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