Scouting the NFL Draft: Reuben Foster

With two weeks left until the NFL draft, the Giants' could use their first-round pick on various different positions. Linebacker is one of their more glaring holes, and Reuben Foster out of Alabama could fit the bill nicely.

 As of right now, second year player B.J Goodson, will be manning the helm at middle linebacker come September. To say the least, he's unproven, and was a fourth round pick out ofClemson.


Goodson has good run stuffing abilities, necessary for a middle linebacker, but lacks the NFL experience to be a sure-fire starter.


 star linebacker Reuben Foster, started his climb to stardom last summer when he dropped 20 pounds. With the loss of weight, came speed, agility, and big play potential. But the fascinating thing about Foster, is that he was able to maintain his aggressive nature and natural instincts. So, not only is he fast and agile, but he is a hunter, and rarely fails to complete a play.


His incredible talent won him a unanimous selection as a first-team All-American and All-SEC pick. He also won the Butkus Award, being ranked as the nation's top linebacker, and nearly won the Bednarik award as well. 


Foster is worthy of a first round pick for every team, and as the draft nears, the Giants need to start considering the former Alabama star.





is one of the most complete linebackers entering the draft in years. His insane athleticism and alpha male mentality would provide a spark to any team. He puts offenses on their heels, and can make a big play at any given moment. Foster acquires loose hips and long strides, allowing him to hunt down runners like a lion in the Serengeti. 


One of his most unique features is his swagger, and the energy and passion he brings to the game. He's fearless and is willing to shoot the gap and hit with all the force he can muster. His ability to cover opposing tight ends and receivers is another huge benefit. He logged 10 passes defended in 2015, and for an inside linebacker, that impressive. He has worked to improve tackling technique, which will be very beneficial against NFL caliber players. 



Foster has few weaknesses, as even his satisfactory attributes are the average for most linebackers. His instincts are one of his average traits, and seems to rely heavily on his athleticism. Foster occasional lacks reaction time and can be a step behind the play. He tends to lower his head into tackles which can cause "Stinger" injuries and concussions. If he improves his tackling technique at the next level, he can reach his massive ceiling. 


NFL ComparisonJames Harrison




Foster is the ceiling at linebacker in this year’s draft, he acquires all the physical attributes to be a monster player in the NFL. If he can hone down on his instincts, there nothing stopping him from being one of the most dominant defensive players in the league. 




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