Scouting the NFL Draft: Samaje Perine

With the emergence of second year player out of UCLA Paul Perkins, the Giants have hope at the running back position. An addition to the backfield through the draft could solidify the Giants running game for years to come. Samaje Perine could be the guy to pack the one-two punch on Sundays.

As a freshman in 2014, Samaje Perine had a fantastic year overall, receiving Big 12 Offensive Newcomer of the Year and third-team All-American honors, with 1,713 yards and 21 touchdowns. In his sophomore year, he earned first-team All-Big 12 privileges with 1,349 yards and 16 touchdowns. Despite Joe Mixon stealing some of the carries away from Perine in 2016, he totaled 1,060 yards and 12 scores, as he acquired second-team All-Conference accolades. 

With the Giants having several holes to fill, Perine could be snatched up in the third-round with a little luck. 




Perine's greatest strength is his toughness, and his ability to grind out extra yards after contact. He isn't the type of back to outrun the secondary, but he will bulldoze through them instead, something the Giants are in desperate need of.


He has powerful hips and thighs, enabling him to explode through tackles and tight spaces, making him a threat near the line of scrimmage.


Arm tacklers struggle mightily against the former Badger, and will ultimately be left squandering on the floor begging for forgiveness.  His pad level is perfect and lowers his shoulder into opposing tacklers, leaving bruises in his wake.


Ultimately, Big Blue( would benefit greatly with the addition of Perine in the backfield to compliment Perkins( next season. 


Perine's balance is unparalleled in the NCAA. His innate ability to bounce off would be tacklers, and continue down field is a big plus for the former Badger. 


He keeps his shoulders facing downhill and plows through defenders trying to drag him down by his waist. He also uses his hands very effectively. By planting his hand on the ground, he can re-stabilize and explode forward for extra yards. 


Perin's thighs are like make-shift tree trunks, and are almost impossible to wrap up through arm tackles. 




Perine is pure power pack, and has very little to offer in agility and elusiveness. His lateral movement is lackluster and doesn’t acquire to mobility to dodge tackler, he prefers the bulldoze method. Despite having powerful legs, Perine doesn’t have the speed that most teams look for in a running back, as he doesn’t have the ability to reach that extra gear.


He often needs a clear-cut hole to explode through, or he will be bottled up quickly.  Ultimately, his play speed and agility are subpar, and is slow to restart after initial contact. Against NFL caliber speed, Perine may not have the gusto to reach the outside and gain extra yards.


Another downfall of the former Badger is his injury prone ankles. As the only way to really take down the back is to dive at his ankles, he has suffered his fair share of injuries.


NFL Comparison: Andre Williams


Perine acquires a profound amount of strength, and has learned to utilize it to the best of his abilities. Despite his lack of speed and agility, Perine is used primarily on early downs to grind out yards. Ultimately, he would be a great compliment to the elusive Paul Perkins

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