Scouting the NFL Draft: Marlon Mack

From the same college as Jason Pierre-Paul, this speedy running back rushed for 15 touchdowns last season catapulting him to the top 5 of the rookie running back draft class.

With the departure of Rashad Jennings and the injury prone Shane Vereen, Giants may be looking for a running back in this year’s NFL draft. The Giants will not be getting a Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook and shouldn’t waste a first round pick on Christian McCaffrey. They should look for a running back in the later rounds and that could be USF’s Marlon Mack.

The three-year start averaged 100yrds per game in his career. Mack ranked among the elite running backs in the NCAA and was a top the AAC in his career. His abilities to avoid tacklers with his “slippery” feet make him a handful. Last season, Mack’s six of his 15 touchdowns went for 43-plus yards for the Bulls. His comfort zone is running on the outside to slide away from tacklers and break out down the field.


Mack’s speed could deadly against defenders but he doesn’t deal well with contact. After contact, Mack loses his acceleration and is unable to pick it back up. He doesn’t use any cut moves because he relies on his speed too much to out run the defense. He is not a power running so do not expect Mack to run over anybody. Mack will head first dive for extra yards instead of scanning the field for other openings.


Marlon Mack is not get the starting role for the Giants as they are highly invested into second-year back Paul Perkins. Perkins will get majority of the carries and followed by Vereen. But Vereen is becoming an unreliable player with his recent injury issues. Mack can be given opportunities in training camp and work his way as the third back on the depth chart.  


Mack is ranked as the 15th running back in the 2017 NFL Draft so he could be available in the 3rd or 4th rounds. The Giants can draft other holes in their roster before selecting a back running back later on. People may not even watch Mack be selected but don’t be surprised if he makes his way on the field for the G-men.

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