Scouting the NFL Draft: Charles Harris

With support needed at the linebacker position, the New York Giants could look to Charles Harris to provide depth behind B.J. Goodson and Johnathan Cassilas.

Imagine this, you're a high school student and there is a new player on the football team. He's a junior, and has never played a down of football in his life.

You're most likely watching Charles Harris trot onto the field, with possibly a few cobwebs attached to his jersey.  

This is the life of Harris, he is a late bloomer, but clearly has the talent to be a first-round draft pick. 

His athleticism carried the weight in the beginning of his career, as he didn't acquire many technical skills. Harris red-shirted in his first year at Missouri, and was forced to watch the likes of Michael Sam and Markus Golden battle it out in the trenches. 

As a reserve player, Harris racked up a measly four tackles for a loss and two sacks. But in 2015, everything changed.

Harris acquired second-team ALL-SEC honors after punishing runners with a conference high, 18.5 tackles for a loss, and seven sacks. In 2016, he earned the same honors, and brought his sack total up to nine, despite his team going 4-8 on the season.

Even though Harris' team acquired a losing record, his stats stood tall, and has earned him quite the prediction for the 2017 NFL draft.





Clocking in at 253 lbs., and standing tall at 6'6" is the Missouri product, Charles Harris.


With his long legs and loose hips, Harris is an athletic freak, always exploding out of his neutral position and into action. His vision is enviable, and seeks out running lanes, closing them with force.


His agility forces blockers to be on their toes, and is always one step away from a big play. His energy is valiant, and gives it his all until the final whistle blows. 


He consistently beats opposing lineman to the snap, and can flash past them with his speed to get to the quarterback in a hurry.


Ultimately, his athleticism is what makes him an elite linebacker, but with every positive, there's a negative. Unless you're Myles Garret, who apparently is being considered an alien after his combine performance.




Despite Harris' insane athleticism, he's routinely overwhelmed be size, and is technically underdeveloped. 


Harris needs to learn how to use his hands more efficiently, as he doesn't utilize his strength to punch blocks away. Although he weighs a hefty 253 lbs., Harris struggles to push off of blocks and bulldoze through payers to shut down the run. 


Overall, Harris is an athletic specimen, but lacks the power and strength to get by bigger players. With a few tweaks of his technique he should be able to overcome his lack of strength. 


Sometimes, all it takes is the right chops and punches to get around an incoming blocker.


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