Giants GM on NFL draft: 'I probably looked at more quarterbacks this time then I did at other times'

The head of Big Blue's front office conceded that he's been looking more into who will take over the reigns for Eli Manning once the veteran QB hangs up his cleats.

The New York Giants have plenty of needs to fill, particularly on the offensive line, but Reese feels that every position is a possible target next weeks.

“We just want to create a lot of competition at every position going into training camp,” Reese said while addressing reporters after the Giants wrapped up their workout. We are going to try and upgrade at every position like we always do.” 

The period between the NFL Combine and the draft is about a month long, and the draft stocks of players typically rise and fall during this time. Despite the perceived movement of multiple prospects this offseason, Reese claims that there are few to no surprises on their draft board this time around.

“Every now and then you have a couple of surprise guys,” said Reese, “but for the most part we don’t have a lot of surprises going into the draft.”

A couple of positions that have gotten attention as possible areas of focus for the Giants are defensive tackle with the departure of Jonathan Hankins to the Indianapolis Colts and quarterback with Eli Manning on the back nine of his career.

Despite him saying that the front office will look at free agency and the draft as possible places to find a replacement for Hankins, Reese likes the personnel and the depth that the Giants currently boast at the position.

“We think that, obviously, Snacks is a good player there, “ said Reese.  “We have [Jay] Bromley, we have Robert [Thomas], so we have a couple more guys that we expect to step up and help fill that void.”

The quarterback position is a different story, and even though the team inked Geno Smith to a deal earlier this year and Ben McAdoo has said that there are comparisons between Smith and this year’s class of quarterback’s, Reese emphasized that all options are on the table until they aren’t.

“We evaluate everybody the same every year, regardless of what we are looking for and what we think we need and where we think the depth should come from.”

Although his stance on evaluating all players equally this year and in previous years has been firm, the Giant general manager admitted that his approach towards evaluating quarterbacks this draft cycle has been a little different now that Manning is nearing the end of his career.

“I probably looked at more quarterbacks this time then I did at other times,” said Reese, “but there are only so many guys that you can look at.”

With all of this talk about quarterbacks and keeping all options open, the offensive linemen that are at the top of most mock drafts for New York.

Reese, however, reiterated that they will “pick the best player available,” which may open up speculation that if a player like linebacker Zack Cunningham is around, he may be selected by big blue instead of a guard such as Forrest Lamp.

All in all, Jerry Reese revealed very little about whom the Giants have their sights on for their 23rd pick and beyond.  

Regardless, every draft has the potential to give a team a few players who turn them into legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Reese’s 2007 draft decisions certainly proved that point against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. 

“Hopefully we can get some players in here out of this draft that can help us get over the top.” 

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