Scouting the NFL Draft: Caleb Brantley

The defensive tackle was the face of the Gators defense and could be an impact player for the G-men in 2017.


The former Florida Gators defensive tackle, Caleb Brantley declared himself “the best defensive tackle in the country.” has Brantley ranked at the 3rd best tackle but his size and confidence makes him a strong candidate for first round pick in this year’s draft. SEC selected the Gator to second-team All-SEC honors in the 2016 season with 2.5 sacks and 9.5 tackle-for-loss. Brantley was the true leader on Florida’s defense.


Brantley has a muscular frame in his arms and lower body. He uses his power to push through guards and welcomes double teams. Guards and tackles have tried to double-team the 300-pound defensive tackle but his torque helps him get passed the line. The hungry play makes Brantley want to show the offensive line to feel his presence. He has been categorized as a “rush stopper” but his pass rushing abilities is outstanding as well.


Some of the weaknesses of Brantley’s game are easily fixed through practice. Coaches want him to be quicker off the snap of the ball. Also it would be nice to see more of a variety of approaches off the line besides just power moves. His conditioning has been said to take away from sack opportunities. Brantley lacks the length to consistently finish a play.


For the Giants, it may sound odd to draft a rush stopper with Damon Harrison on the roster but Brantley is more versatile than just a rush stopper. Brantley could fit nicely with the Giants’ powerhouse defensive live, especially since Jonathan Hankins signed with the Indianapolis Colts in the offseason.  It would be a positive to have a young talent grow up with a veteran group of players. JPP and Snacks (Damon Harrison) could take the Gator under their wings and groom him into a Pro Bowl lineman.


The 2017 NFL Draft is still a mystery for the New York Giants and their fan base. They could fill some holes in their roster or take best available to add on to some strengths. If the Giants were to take Caleb Brantley, they would be adding to their stacked defensive line. Brantley would be a fit in well for the Giants and would be accepted by the fans. The draft will only tell where Brantley will fall.

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