Giants 2017 NFL Draft Prediction: Round Two

Predicting the NFL draft is the equivalent of playing the slot machine. You keep spending time there and 99% of the time you're losing, but nonetheless it's fun and addicting. So, let's see who could be landing with the New York Giants come April 27th.

The first round of the draft is held on April 26th, but star players are found in every round and the Giants have their eyes on a few potential big-time players. 

Holding the 55th pick in the second-round, the New York Giants will be looking to plug the massive hole left by Johnathan Hankins in the middle of the defensive line.


The likely pick will be Michigan defensive tackle Chris Wormley. The 6'5" behemoth was a first-team All-Big Ten selection in 2016, managing nine tackles for a loss and six sacks, per NFL draft profiles


Remember, this is a defensive tackle we are talking about. Six sacks as a run stuffer is incredible, considering Hankins racked up 10 in his entire four-year career, according to Pro Football Reference


Wormley is a prototypical power-player, utilizing his size and strength to bull-rush opposing lineman. 

 Big Blue

 could use all the power they can muster on the defensive line. Historically, they have built the defense around a dominant line.



The current defensive rotation


Currently, Big Blue is continuing to add depth and quality pieces to create mayhem for the opposing quarterback. With Olivier Vernon, JPP, Odighizuwa, Damon "Snacks" Harrison, Robert Thomas, Jay Bromley, Kerry Wynn and Romeo Okwara manning the trenches, Big Blue has a solid rotation to rely on throughout the season. 


JPP and Vernon played upwards of 90% of the defensive snaps in 2016, so in case of an injury there are several players who can fill the void if needed.


Having Janoris Jenkins, DRC and Eli Apple in coverage makes the Giant's defense a dual threat. 


The potential addition of Wormley would put additional pressure on the quarterback, allowing for the secondary to create more turnovers and keep the offense on the field.  


Overall, defensive tackle is one of the more serious holes that needs to be filled through the draft.


Despite the need for an offensive lineman, Jerry Reese is known for selecting defensive tackles. So, we can assume Wormley could be high on his list. 


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