Giants 2017 NFL Draft Prediction: Round Three

The Giants Beat looks into the crystal ball and predicts the G-men's third round draft choice.


The NFL Draft is just days away and the anticipation is stirring up. There are many questions on what the New York Giants will do on Thursday for the first two rounds. Lets jump ahead to Day 2 of the draft and see who the Giants could take in the 3rd round.

The Giants have holes at the tight end and offense line so I expect them to draft those positions in round one and two. What should the Giants do next? With the loss of Johnathan Hankins on the defense line, the Giants should look for a replacement or an extra piece to the powerhouse line. It is hard to predict who will go when in the draft but the Giants could be looking for a defense line.

Elijah Qualls, defensive tackle from Washington, can be the 3rd round selection for the Giants. The 300-pounder can substitute to be filling the large hole Hankins left. Qualls has been placed at both the inside and edges of the defense line but scouts have him categorized as a tackle. With the size of Qualls, he will form into a more tackle and the Giants can utilize him there.

This can be the right move for the G-men as they will address their holes in the early rounds. Adding to the strength of the defensive line can continue their dominance and grow a player, like Qualls, into their future line rotation.

Go watch the 3rd round and listen for, “With the 87th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Qualls, Washington.”

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