Jerry Reese: Evan Engram 'cut from same cloth' as Jordan Reed

Jerry Reese was right to the point with his post first-round draft interview. The New York Giants chose the Ole Miss product Evan Engram, rather than Miami tight end David Njoku.

Senior vice president and general manager Jerry Reese, was jittery at his new addition on offense following the completion of the first-round of the 2017 NFL draft. 


When asked if there were considerations of trading up for Alabama star tight end O.J. Howard, his response was a stern, "No." 


?Reese thinks that Evan Engram is a versatile threat, and proves to be dynamic with his blazing speed (4.42 40-yard dash time). The plan is to mismatch Engram with linebackers, causing problems for opposing defenses.


If lined up alongside Rhett Ellison it will cause mayhem for opposing defensive coordinators. Ben McAdoo, New York Giants head coach and offensive coordinator, just upgraded from a Toyota Camry to a nice Range Rover.


What Does Jerry Reese Think?


Jerry Reese was asked if Engram can compare to the likes of Jordan Reed or Gronk. His response was motivating, 

 I think that he opens up a lot of things. We just feel like – Jordan Reed is a good example of a tight end that is hard to handle, one of those undersized tight ends that is hard to handle for linebackers and safeties and this guy is probably cut in that same kind of cloth and this guy is really fast. This is a fast, receiving tight end.


Engram is a duel threat, as he can be lined up in the slot and as a traditional tight end. 


"You guys can talk to Ben about that. We see him as a guy that can line up anywhere at any of the receiver positions, tight end, in the slot, outside – he can line up anywhere," Reese stated regarding the positioning of their new weapon. 


Despite the ole Miss product not being the most developed blocker, he wasn't drafted to lay a finger on any opposing defensive ends or linebackers. He was drafted to expose the middle of the field, while Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. dominate the outside. 


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When asked about Engram's blocking duties he stated, "He is not a traditional end of the line tight end, but we think that he can do things in the blocking game. He is big, he is fast, he has big hands, he is smart, he will help you on special teams – he is a well-rounded, versatile football player."


Engram was originally projected as an early second-round pick, maybe even a late first-rounder. But with Njoku still on the board, the pick was a pleasant surprise. 


"Well, we liked him because, again, we feel like he is a weapon in the offense. We think that this guy can be a weapon and he is versatile and you can use him in a lot of different ways and our coaches are extremely excited about getting a guy like this in our offense."


Jerry Reese was all confidence regarding the Ole Miss standout, hopefully he can speak louder than words on the field. 



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