Engram says he'll make 'immediate impact'

The former Ole Miss tight end wasn't shy in describing how talented he is and why he's deserving of a first round draft choice.

With the 23rd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Tight End Evan Engram from Mississippi Rebels. The 6-foot-3, 234 lb. Engram brings his explosive and dynamic play style to the Big Apple, to team up with Ole Miss alum Eli Manning. The Giants have had difficulty finding consistent playmakers from the Tight End position for years, they have put their faith in Evan Engram to be that missing piece. Shortly after being drafted by the Giants, Evan Engrams shared some statements with the media, via conference call.

            “I can’t put it into words," Evans responded. "Honestly, I dreamed of playing for a couple of teams. I had it in my mind and New York was at the top. This is an amazing feeling. I’m so blessed. I can’t even find the words to describe it. I’m just very thankful and blessed to be a part of just this night. I have my family and friends. It’s a real blessing. I feel really blessed.”

This should make Giants fans excited, Engram may have some difficultly putting his emotions into words at the current moment, especially so soon after his life has changed forever, but from we can tell, he truly seems happy, and motivated to come in and play for the New York Giants. A player who is willing to put in the work, who will strive to improve, and does not take the burden of being a professional player in the NFL lightly, who understands now that he has been given this opportunity, is a player who is easy to support.

            “I know I’m ready to come in and make an immediate impact, noted Engram.. "I know for a fact. I’ve been watching the Giants, they’re on TV all the time. I sit down and watch them, especially this past year. I’ve been really analyzing teams and certain offenses. The Giants have been missing a piece like me. They have a great quarterback and I think Tye, 45, was great for them. I felt that I could be another more dynamic piece at that role. I just always felt that they would look at a guy like me to come in and contribute. I know my skillset. I’m confident in my game and how hard I work. Just the weapons around me, I can’t wait to come in and contribute. Learn from all those guys and take advantage of the opportunity to be a great player for this team.”

 Engram is confident in himself, and his abilities on the football field. If he is able to be that missing piece of the offense from the start of the season, the Giants will be in a better place. If he has some growing pains as a rookie, I have no doubt that Engram will seek to prove himself to the coaches, teammates, and to himself, I do not see Evan Engram accepting failure.  Secondly, I like that Engram talks about his future teammates, and how he seeks to learn from those veterans. Rookies have come into the league before, and believed that they knew best, that the veterans and coaches knew nothing, and more times then not, these players were either locker room cancers, busts, or both. Engram seems to have his head on straight, I see him taking the lessons that he will learn as he takes this next step forward in his life very seriously, and growing from them.

The last question I wish to highlight was in relation toEngram, and his NFL Comparison of Washington Tight End Jordan Reed.

“I have been looking up to him for so long. He was such a huge talent at Florida that I didn’t think got used enough, so when he got to Washington and got used to his abilities, he has been doing such great things in the league. So just watching him and studying him and I would love to work with him some day because he is such a threat, so savvy with his routes and so precise and he gets physical after the catch. Being compared to that is what I want. I want to be better than him, but that is going to be a tough task. But being compared to him and being able to bring to the table what he does for a team like the Giants is a blessing.”

Engram has fire, passion, and desire to not only be as good in the NFL as Jordan Reed, he wants to be better. He also is realistic, knowing that this will be a difficult comparison to live up to, but from everything we have seen up to this point, from having his head on straight, to having a strong work ethic, wanting to learn from veterans, and having the drive to be better then an already elite NFL Tight End, Big things lie ahead  for the Giants 1st round pick, Engrams. 

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