McAdoo: Evan Engram will play special teams out of the gate

The Giants head coach wants his first round pick to refine his fundamentals and study the game before he thrusts him into a starting role.

Night one of the NFL Draft has passed and the New York Giants made their first round selection for the “best available player” says Head Coach, Ben McAdoo. Out of Mississippi Rebels, The Giants selected Tight End Evan Engram with the 23rd overall pick. The selection was unanticipated for most fans as the mainly predicted David Njoku was still available. But the Giants organization went with the 22-year-old from Georgia to add to Eli Manning’s targets.

With the surprising pick of Engram, there are many questions to be answered about the first round. Who better to ask these question than Head Coach Ben McAdoo.

One of the issues the Giants have had with tight ends is the inability to block. McAdoo believes Engram is a “willing striker” but also stated, “We need to refine his fundamentals.” He will get work in with the other tight ends to improve his all around game at the position.

McAdoo was asked about where Engram fits in the roster and said “We’re going to put him in the room, teach him the offense and get on down the road. Again, we’re just adding another player to the mix. A good player that has a lot of potential.”

The most appealing strength from Engram is his ability to play as a receiver. His vertical speed and explosiveness off the line, forces defenses to use a corner to defend the 6’3” prospect. McAdoo loves Engram’s capability to run down the middle of the field. McAdoo explains, “Anytime you can add someone to your offense that can run down the middle of the field with that type of speed and length, it stresses the defense.”

Scouts have compared Evan Engram to, Washington Redskin, Jordan Reed prior to the draft. Ben McAdoo addressed that comparison and explained where Engram will fit into the Giants high-powered offense.

“He played multiple positions at Ole Miss. I think we can bring him up and move him around a little bit. He needs to play special teams out of the gate and move him into our offense to see what he can handle. Push him that way.”

The Giants made some moves in the offseason, like signing Brandon Marshall & Rhett Ellison, and continue to develop Sterling Shepard so Engram is a great addition to Eli’s receiving core. Engram will find his way on the field next season. McAdoo comments on the versatility Engram adds to the roster, “We’re very happy with the players we’ve added. It does give us some versatility and some flexibility. We need to get them all together. We haven’t hit the field yet; we need to hit the field.”

The selection may have be a surprise to most but as long as the head coach is confident with the pick then there should be no worries. Start looking for the Engram jersey as the Ole Miss drafty is now apart of the New York Giants.

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