Grading the Giants Draft: Dalvin Tomlinson

With the 55th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the New York Giants selected defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson. The Big Blue crew gives him a grade and analysis Jerry Reese's comments on the new addition.

Tomlinson offers a ton (pun intended) for Big Blue's defense, after the departure of Johnathan Hankins.



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?The pick fills a hole, but other issues still linger that Ole Jerry still needs to address. Passing up on Vanderbilt linebacker Zach Cunningham, and Temple OT Dion Dawkins, Jerry Reese decided to take a more surefire approach.


The Alabama product had an excellent senior season, racking up 5.5 tackles for a loss, three sacks and 62 overall tackles. 


fter already playing for a pro-style team in Alabama, he will come prepared and ready to fight for his position on the line. 


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Jerry Reese's Take:


Jerry Reese only had positive things to say about the new addition. "Well, we're trying to pick good players. Obviously, Hank left, so that created a little bit of a void. We’re just trying to pick good players. We stayed true to our board and he was the next man in line."


Clearly, Tomlinson was a Giants favorite as he impressed during interviews. "We interviewed him at the combine. He was one of the best interviews we thought out of the entire combine. He was one of the best guys we interviewed. He’s a New York Giant kind of player," stated Reese during the post second-round press conference. 


The Giants are known for picking players with a clean background, who also contribute off the field as well as on it. 


When compared to former Alabama star linebacker Landon Collins, Reese stated, "Well, Alabama has notoriously put out good players and Landon is a terrific player for us. We’re just trying to pick good players from wherever. Alabama has obviously been a top program. This guy is, like I said, NFL ready. He’s a big, tough guy. Big guy on the inside."


Overall, I think the pick was fantastic. It plugs a hole and could make the Giants defense one of the most feared in the league. Tomlinson brings not only brawn, but brains as well. He could have attended Harvard if the gridiron wasn't such an addicting factor.


Tomlinson is the perfect New York Giants player and he is ready to battle it out in the NFL. 


Grade: A


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