Reese on drafting QB Davis Webb: 'He can sit behind Eli for a couple years'

He doesn't exactly have the keys to the franchise just yet, but rookie Davis Webb could be playing an integral role on the Giants if he develops in a couple years.

The New York Giants may have found Eli Manning's “successor” in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft. The California Golden Bears quarterback, Davis Webb was the 87th overall pick. He is a great athlete, for a guy who stands at 6’5”, with a strong arm. General Manager Jerry Reese commented about the third round selection, Davis Webb.


Webb could be Manning's successor, so the pick is for him to grow through the years. Reese commented about Webb’s purpose and Manning’s career.


“That is what the whole premise is – that this guy can sit behind Eli for a couple of years, two or three years or however long it takes… but we do know that he is not going to play forever, so we are trying to make the best decision as we move forward for the rest of Eli’s career.”


When teams select a quarterback, many wonder if the starting quarterback gets a notification before the pick is made. Manning has been the Giants franchise quarterback since 2004. Reese was asked if he notified Eli about bringing in Webb.


“Eli is a very smart guy and he understands the process. He knows that he is not going to play forever. He knows that it is our job to prepare for when he has finished his career here, so he understands that. It is nothing that we had to talk to him about.”


The Giants have had a franchise player under center since Manning was drafted and plan to have one end he retires. It is not certain that Davis Webb will be said franchise quarterback but the Giants did not pick for no reason. Webb was picked to carry on the Giants offense when Eli leaves football. Jerry Reese was questioned about the “franchise” qualities he saw in Davis Webb to make the pick in the third round.


“First of all, he has a big arm. He has one of those wintertime arms, he can throw it in the wind, so again, we thought that he had the best arm talent in the draft this year and this guy is football all the time. You have to be that kind of guy in this league. You can’t half do it up here and play at a high level in the National Football League. This guy is a son of a coach, football all of the time and he has the quarterback profile that we like.”


The Giants are happy with the selection of Webb and look forward to develop the young talent. He has no limits on how well he can succeed in the NFL. If the Giants can manage to keep the receivers they have now for a long time, then Webb’s big arm will fit perfectly. Be sure to watch Webb’s preseason snaps as he is in the future plans for the Giants.

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