Adam Bisnowaty: 'I'm a nasty football player'

The offensive lineman out of the University of Pittsburgh didn't mince words when describing his playing style.


The New York Giants wait until the 6th round of the NFL draft to address one of their weaknesses in the offensive line. With the No. 200 overall pick, the Giants traded up to select Adam Bisnowaty offensive tackle from Pittsburgh. The sixth round was the Giants’ final round and they used it on Bisnowaty. Bisnowaty is said to be a “steal” for the 6th round. We caught up with Pitt select about his draft experience.


What is the feeling to get the call form the Giants?


“It was awesome. Just sitting here and watching, it is an unbelievable experience and opportunity I have in front of me and I am excited to get started and to get there and get rolling. Like I said, it was awesome.”


The Giants did trade up for the No. 16 pick in the sixth round with the Titians to pick Bisnowaty. The former Pitt tackle commented about the Giants trading up for him.


“I think it says a lot about how they feel about me, which is great. I am ready to come in and get going and start hitting the field and just get out there and help the team to win that Super Bowl. I think it says a lot about how they feel about me and I am pretty excited about that.”


The question of every offensive line is which position are they truly meant to play. Bisnowaty is listed at a tackle and that is the spot the Giants need help in. What does he think of where he will play?


“I think it is whatever they feel like they want me to do. I played a lot of tackle at Pitt and a little bit of guard, but I am willing to play either one, so wherever the best fit is for me and the team and however we are going to win the most games is going to depend on where I play. I am excited to play either one.”


The late rounds aren’t high ratings for audiences. Most fans just get an update on who the Giants selected but will not know truly who was selected. Let Adam Bisnowaty introduce himself as a football player.


“I am a nasty football player. I get after people. That is something that I am very proud of – I am out there and I am physical every play, making sure that the guy across from me wants to quit. Everything I do on the field is nasty and physical and I take myself off the field with the preparation and I take that to the next level, so that when I get out there it is all football.”


Bisnowaty is aware all prospects are not perfect. The Giants will work with him on his game throughout training camps. As for Bisnowaty, he recognizes some of his flaws and is ready to work on them to find playing time of the field.


“I think just continuing to work on the details of my fundamentals. If you continue to work on those every day and I think just continue to learn, keep learning, keep perfecting my game and skills every day and that will help me to become a better player and to succeed.”


Adam Bisnowaty was picked to strengthen the weak offensive line of the Giants. People figured the Giants would pick up a lineman way earlier than the 6th round. Bisnowaty realizes the situation he is walking into for the Giants’ offensive line.


“A few years back they drafted a few guys and they have a few guys starting right now and there are some opportunities and right now I am just excited to come in there and get out there and do the best I can and help contribute to this team. I think that is my main thing coming out there.”


The Giants ended the 2017 NFL Draft with a steal of a pick with Adam Bisnowaty. Bisnowaty is ready to fight for playing for the G-men. He can be the shake up the offensive line up for the Giants.


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