Grading the Giants Draft: Rounds 4-7

The New York Giants addressed multiple holes on offensive side of the ball in rounds 4-7. Acquiring Adam Bisnowaty, Avery Moss and Wayne Gallman.

Jerry Reese decided to steer clear of the premier offensive lineman in this year's draft, opting to trade up in the sixth-round for Pittsburgh Panthers tackle Adam Bisnowaty


Bisnowaty brings a mean style of play and will grind it out on the field every down. The Giants were looking to bring in a mean player and they've found the missing puzzle piece in Bisnowaty. 

Jerry Reese elected to give away his sixth and seventh-round picks in order to acquire the Pitt tackle. Reese doesn't have a history of trading down in the draft, but he must have liked what the big man had to offer.


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When asked why the Giants traded down to get the Pitt tackle Reese stated, "We thought that there wasn’t a lot left on the board in respect to offensive line. He could’ve easily been there but we had a little huddle and said let’s go get this guy if we can. We gave up our seventh-round pick to get him."


Clearly, Reese and the Giants front-office weren't too high on the available lineman in this year's draft. Passing on Ramczyk in the first-round and going after Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram shows their priorities. 


Adding a weapon to Eli Manning's arsenal was on the top of the list, and just by taking a look at Engram's film, you can tell he's going to be a godsend. 


Grade: B+


In the fifth-round Reese opted for Wayne Gallman out of Clemson. Personally, I don't like this pick. With Vereen, Perkins, Darkwa and Draughn on the roster it proves to be an interesting selection.  

Gallman is a versatile back, similar to the other backs on the roster. But does acquire some power when called upon.


I think Reese should have taken a flier on Texas running back D'Onta Foreman to add some power to the mix, but Reese has been known to favor versatility over power.


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When asked about Gallman's role on the offense Reese stated, "That’s up to the coaches. We just try and pick a good football player right there. We think he’s that. He’s a three-year producer there. Young kid, tough, kind of linear for a running back. Tall for a running back. I think he’s a little bit over six foot, maybe just six foot. He looks taller when you think about running backs." 


So, he's tall. Great. There's still hope Big Blue could add veteran LeGarrette Blount to the mix to offset the plethora of versatility. Adding some veteran presence could also benefit the young backs on the roster. 


Grade: C+

In the fifth-round, Reese decided to go after troubled defensive end Avery Moss with the 167th overall pick. The Giants now have a solid defensive line rotation going into the 2017 season.




With JPP and Olivier Vernon playing over 90 percent of snaps in most games, it will allow the youngsters to develop nicely behind them. 


Moss has had some off the field issues in the past, but he's still a dynamic defensive end with a ton of upside.


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Reese addressed Moss' external issues stating, "Yes, he has had some issues. I think you have talked to him some already but he has had some issues and we think he’s well past those things. We’ll definitely keep an eye on that and if he needs any help in respect to that, we’ll definitely be there to help him. He’s a really well-spoken young man that has been through some things. We think he has everything together now."


It seems as if Reese has seen the light in Moss and is willing to give the Youngstown State DE a chance at fame. 


Grade: B


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