3 Things We Learned from the Giants Draft

The Giants Beat reveals the three biggest takeaways from the Giants 2017 draft.

1. The New York Giants want to win Eli Manning another ring, and soon

With the addition of Evan Engram, the 6’3 216-pound tight end, to the receiving corps, Manning has a never ending selection of players to throw to. The more talent he has around him, the faster they will win a championship. The 36-year old quarterback still has multiple years left on that arm, but he doesn’t have forever. The Giants want to create a championship team before their franchise quarterback hangs up his cleats.

2.      With Manning approaching the sunset, the Giants may have found a replacement


As previously stated, Manning has a few productive years left in the NFL. In the third round of the draft, the Giants selected quarterback Davis Webb out of California. He’s not perfect; Davis threw 34 interceptions in his college career. He certainly isn’t ready to be a starter; however, Davis will be taught and guided by Manning. If everything works out in New York’s favor, by the time Manning is ready to retire, Davis will be ready to start. It worked for Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

3.      The Giants don’t know where to begin with the OL problem


Yes, the 2017 draft class was weak in the offensive line department. It’s understandable to not want to take a risk with a rookie (where was this attitude when drafting Ereck Flowers?). However, the Giants didn’t even attempt to fix the OL hole in free agency. The Giants ended the 2016 season with one of the worst lines in the NFL and they might begin the 2017 season that way as well.

 With Manning getting older, he must be protected if the Giants want to get the most out of him. Hopefully, the undrafted free agent signings of Chad Wheeler (USC), Armando Bonheur (Samford), Sam Ekwonike (Coastal Carolina), and Jessemen Dunker (Tennessee State) will help and not hurt the problem.

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