Cruz: Manning has to 'own up' to emails

The Giants wide receiver didn't exactly come to the defense of his former QB.

Former Giant wide receiver Victor Cruz gave all of the right answers regarding Eli Manning’s memorabilia scandal in an interview with hosts Ebro Darden, Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning Thursday morning.  


Cruz described his Manning, who has led a quiet and scandal-free life away from the field during his career in New York, as someone with “top-notch” and who is a “stand-up guy.”

“When you see something like this happen, you’re initial reaction is, ‘Nah, I don’t know what this is, but it will blow over soon,’ ” Cruz said. “[But] there are some conversations to be had. Something is going to have to be said. Eli is going to have to admit or own up to whatever this is,” Cruz said. “There’s a question of what was that email about? You’re asking your equipment manager to send you something that resembled game worn apparel. What is it about?”


Despite praising his former quarterback, Cruz also mentioned that he expects this issue to stay prevalent as long as an explanation on the context of the email Manning sent to equipment manager Joe Skiba about the two helmets he allegedly passed as game-worn is not revealed.


Cruz said that it’s common for players to give away equipment that wasn’t game-worn, but marketing that equipment as such is a problem.


He believes that Manning, who has fiercely denied the accusations against him, is going to have to admit his wrongdoing or answer tough questions regarding the email.


Manning has a spotless reputation, but even former teammates like Cruz have their suspicions. It’s up to the star quarterback to quell these suspicions and doubts himself.     

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