Bill Parcells - conference call

"...e need to play better than we did Sunday and that is pretty much it" - Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells

Conference Call with Dallas Head Coach Bill Parcells

Q - What is your thought about coming back here?
A -
Well we need to play better than we did Sunday and that is pretty much it. I am trying to get this team to improve a little bit here as we go. They had a couple of key mistakes last Sunday that kind of caused us to lose, we had a pretty good opportunity in the second quarter to do something and we let that pass us by with an untimely penalty and a missed field goal and so we got in third quarter and made a bad turnover and that cost us and we couldn't come back from it.

Q - What about coming back to Giants Stadium? Any emotions?
A -
It is not the first time. Obviously it is where I grew up so there is some feeling but it is not the first time.

Q - Do you ever think about how your career would be different if you stayed here?
A -
No I don't, really.

Q - Maybe this year it is different because you are coming back with a team that you used to take a particular delight in beating?
A -
Well you know I think I was just telling our local writers when I got some questions along that line. This is a division game, it's a division rival and I have been on both sides of it now so yeah, I think it is somewhat more important and it does make a difference but this industry now is like a lot of society in that there is a transient nature in the industry that coaches do coach in different places. So I think that is just part of it nowadays, you try to do the best job where you are at that time.

Q - What is the biggest difference between your first year in Dallas and your first year at the other teams?
A -
There is not a substantial difference, you just learn to recognize a little bit of a losing culture that has kind of set in. This franchise is much different than some of the others because it does have a storied past and expectations are usually pretty high. But the culture has set in of not winning and you have to get enough good players in place to overcome that. Once you get started back on track the momentum changes but sometimes it is very difficult, we are very inexperienced at some key positions on this team, some critical positions we don't have a lot of experience and as a result we are just kind of feeling our way now. I felt like we improved from the beginning of training camp throughout the preseason and I expected a little bit better play than we got last Sunday from our team so I was disappointed in that respect.

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