New York Giants rookie RB Wayne Gallman receives ringing endorsement from Odell Beckham Jr.

The former Clemson standout caught the eye of Odell Beckham Jr. prior to the start of last season.

Wayne Gallman has barely been on the team for two full weeks, but the former Clemson Tigers running back and fourth-round pick for the Giants is already reaping high praise from the team’s best player.


Odell Beckham Jr. reached out to Gallman via Twitter before the start of his 2016 season with the Tigers, and it meant a lot to the then junior standout.


“[Odell] just hit me up last year before the season,” said Gallman. “I didn’t even know he was watching me, but over time I’ve gotten real cool with him.”


Friday was the first time that all six of the Giants’ draft picks were in New York for the start of rookie mini-camp, and Gallman is confident that what he brings to the table will meet and exceed the expectations of his new coaches.


“I just think I’m a guy that can do pretty much anything a team needs,” Gallman said. “Whether that’s contributing on special teams or getting reps at running back, I’m going to do the best I can at anything I do.”


Gallman’s versatility was a big reason why the Giants took him in the fourth round of the draft, and didn’t mince words when asked about what he thinks the team expects him to do this season.


“I believe that I can help them win championships,” Gallman said.


“When they tell me that, that makes me want to put that much more work in, whether it’s learning the playbook or just getting back on the field.”



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