New York Giants: Undrafted Rookie Travis Rudolph Opens Up About History

If there’s one man that deserves a shot at the pros, it’s Travis Rudolph. Lucky for him, he’s earned a spot on the New York Giants’ roster.

After being predicted to be a 5th or 6th-round selection in the 2017 NFL draft, Florida State SeminolesTravis Rudolph failed to make the cut and went undrafted. Thankfully, the New York Giants were prepared to scoop him up after a quality post-draft workout. 

After his feel good story where he eats lunch with a young autistic boy, he gained national publicity and seems to have touched the hearts of football fans around the country.

Luckily, Rudolph has found a new home in East Rutherford, and will begin training camp alongside star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning.

If this wasn’t the surprise of a lifetime, I don’t know what is.

Rudolph has pushed through adversity throughout his entire life, and after recently losing his father, he’s been under more pressure than ever.

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When asked about his emotional state Rudolph’s response was, “I mean, honestly, it doesn’t matter if I got drafted or not. I am just taking it in day-by-day and trying to get better as a person on and off the field.”

His selflessness is admirable, and with the Giants needing a change of values after the Josh Brown fiasco in 2016, Rudolph shines a light on the organization.

Rudolph gives all of the credit to his father, stating “He is the reason why I started playing football. As a young boy, probably starting from age four, he was going outside and throwing the football with me and everything and he was just there for every game that I ever played, so rest in peace, Dad.”

What he is going through must be unimaginable. But with the Giants giving him an opportunity to live up to his father’s expectations, it’s only a matter of time before he takes the NFL by storm.

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Rudolph is known as leader on and off the field, and when asked what he can do for this team he answered with a prideful, “Just be a better person. Bring great leadership on and off the field and just show how to work hard.”

His leadership will be well received in a locker room full of the most outspoken and charismatic players in the NFL.

With Odell Beckham Jr’s. antics and Brandon Marshall public cries, Rudolph will be an anchor in a stormy sea. 

Not only is Rudolph a natural leader, but he’s a gifted athlete as well. When asked what position he could play: possession receiver, deep threat, or a combination, he stated “I feel like I am combination of everything.”

This is good news for Eli Manning, as not only does he have another dangerous weapon to choose from, but he also has another leader to help lead a rather young team to the playoffs.

After managing 840 yards and seven touchdowns in 2016, he’s ready to take on a bigger challenge, according to

He led the Florida State Seminoles in receiving yards last year, and earned second-team All-Conference honors.

Overall, Rudolph is a polished young man, and his greatest days are surely ahead of him.

The Giants made a terrific choice in scooping him up off the undrafted rookie waiver wire, and they will likely see a large return on their investment. 

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