New York Giants: Davis Webb Can Develop Nicely Behind Eli Manning

Despite recent criticism over third-round selection Davis Webb being Eli Manning's successor, the Cal product has all the intangibles to succeed in the NFL.

At 6'5" and 229-lbs., Davis Webb has the prototypical New York Giants quarterback body. 

Big Blue has always favored the sturdier, pocket passer type quarterbacks which is why they didn't go after the likes of Notre Dame's DeShone Kizer or Clemson's Deshaun Watson.

The scrutiny that hovers over Jerry Reese's head due to the drafting of Davis Webb is justified. 

But people don't give enough credit to Webb, who could develop nicely behind two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning

Offensive coordinator for the Giants, Mike Sullivan, was impressed after meeting Davis Webb for the first time several days ago. “First impression is he's tall,”I had to look up and say hello. … Good, firm handshake, look you right in the eye. Heck of guy. All the reports that I read say that he's very bright, a gym rat. One of those guys that can't watch enough film. Came across that way, as someone that is very bright and going to be a hard worker. I was generally pleased with the first impression when I first met him [Thursday] night.”

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Clearly, Webb has the work ethic wanted in franchise quarterbacks, and shows that he has the grit and motivation to develop nicely under Manning. 

In Webb's senior year of college, he racked up 4295-yards passing, 37 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Webb ran a college-style offense, primarily looking for long balls and exposing deep routes.

After a barrage of injuries, he still has the arm and accuracy to become an NFL starting caliber player, the question is: is there room for development?

Where Webb needs to develop and improve: 

Webb struggled to be unpredictable in college, as cover safeties and linebackers could predetermine his decisions.

His eye movement doesn't throw off safeties trying to break on a route, and often lacks consistent velocity on his throws.

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Webb's biggest issue is his accuracy, as he tends to sail balls on deep routes and lack the velocity needed to fit it in tight windows. 

Luckily, this is more of a technical issue than anything else. With a few fine tweaks to his throwing motion and more time in the film room, he should be able to improve his accuracy and predictability. 

With several years to grow into the role behind Manning, his footwork should be improved which directly translates into better accuracy and velocity. 

Overall, Webb is an investment, but just ask Aaron Rodgers how beneficial it was to sit behind Brett Favre. With Webb learning from a future hall-of-fame quarterback, he will surely learn the technical side of the game sooner rather than later. 

I anticipate him becoming a solid option down the line once Eli inevitably degrades. 

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