Should the New York Giants be Worried About Brandon Marshall’s Locker Room Presence?

Former Jet Brandon Marshall has a history of causing locker room feuds for several teams, and with his borderline personality disorder, should the Giants be worried of his presence?

To be completely honest, the New York Giants need all of the saints they can find to revive their old white collar ways of doing business.
After Odell Beckham Jr. had a romantic relationship with the kicking net and was publicly shamed for his antics, a downward spiral began for a rather high-class Giants franchise.
After OBJ continued with his anger issues, Josh Brown decided it would be the right time to physically abuse his wife.
The entire Brown debacle set a dark cloud over the entire Giant's organization, and publicly doomed them from the start.
Of course, it was just a case of crisis management, but they should have suspended Brown from practice at the very least.
Instead, they allowed him to play in several games while the investigation continued.
Signing Brandon Marshall this offseason surely didn’t help restore the grace of the Giants’ franchise, but it did surely excite many fans due to his physical style of play and red zone production.
Former teammate Sheldon Richardson had a few not so nice words to say about Marshall regarding his locker room presence, “I enjoy being here. Locker room is a whole lot easier to get along with now. Let’s just say we’ve got 15 reasons why it’s better,” said Richardson.
For those of you that don’t know, 15 is Marshall’s jersey number.
The Jets were a perfect example of what Marshall can do to a team’s locker room chemistry. The tension that was built throughout the season ultimately led to the team’s demise and collapse.
Big Blue fans are eager to see what OBJ and Marshall can offer a sputtering offense in 2017, but the plan is to keep Marshall’s antics out of the equation. Is that entirely possible? Probably not, as long as Big Blue doesn’t suffer any disheartening losses due to lack of effort, because number 15 will surely be the first to voice his opinion.
The bottom line is that "Big Marsh" has had his fair share of issues. But with a supporting cast and quality teammates surrounding him, he should have the necessary tools to bottle up his emotions. 

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