The New York Giants Have a Gem and He’s Going to Blow Our Minds in 2017

All the talk has been about first-round pick Evan Engram, but the New York Giants have another draft pick that’s going to blow our minds in 2017.

New York Giants second-round pick Dalvin Tomlinson is a stud; not only was he hiding in the shadows behind former top NCAA defensive player Jonathan Allen, but he’s also a Harvard quality student.

When alluding to Tomlinson’s academic ability, Jerry Reese had choice words to say stating, “We want him to play football. We don’t want him to do our taxes.”

Good one, Jerry.

Ultimately, when you add brawn's and brains together, you get unlimited potential and Tomlinson has both.

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While playing for the Crimson Tide, Jonathan Allen shined in the spotlight while Tomlinson patiently waited for his opportunity to burst on to the scene. He’s received his chance with Big Blue, and after Johnathan Hankins’ departure, Tomlinson is primed to explode into a top five defense.

With a weapon like Dalvin, anything is possible, and chances are he develops into a player superior to that of Hankins.

With all of the talk revolving around offensive threat Evan Engram, Tomlinson has once again been pushed into the shadows.

Many people may not know this, but Tomlinson was an insanely gifted wrestler in high school, racking up THREE Georgia heavyweight state titles. Yes, not only do we have a man capable of killing any exam you put in front of him, but he’s also a beast in the trenches.

Tomlinson often wrestled his fellow teammates when he was playing for Alabama. Denzel Devall, linebacker for the Crimson Tide in 2015 was grabbed by Tomlinson in anticipation of a wrestling match. The scared Devall immediately responded with, “You win!”

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With NFL toughness and grit, Tomlinson will be a plug-and-play type of player who can hold his own against the premier offensive lineman in the league.

His vicious hands and technique will be essential in seeing him develop beyond the threshold of rookie players.

So, while all the articles you read revolve around Engram’s development and the offense, you can find your real gem here on the defensive line.

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