Will New York Giants Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Play Better With Relaxed Celebration Rules?

Roger Goodell made the executive decision to reduce the celebration penalties in 2017. Will this help Odell Beckham Jr. improve his game? 

When a player like New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. steps out onto the field, you can only assume one thing.

You’re about to see something magical.

Roger Goodell recently relaxed the rules on celebrations, making for an excited OBJ. When a player of Beckham’s quality is out there, he can only harness his highest potential if he’s able to play the game the way he wants to play it.

Think about it for a split second. How many celebratory penalties did we see last season from some of the game’s best players? WAY too many… 

Why? Because Roger Goodell hates fun! No, not really, he’s just trying to keep the game professional and in the means of ethical standards. But, there’s a huge factor that he forgot to include in his decision.

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The league exists because of the fans, and if the fans want celebration, then Goodell MUST deliver!

So, should we expect a more productive year for the Giants’ star receiver? It’s possible.

In the 2014 and ’15 seasons, the celebration penalties were less of a concern. And guess who had better seasons in both years.

Yup, Odell Beckham Jr. Hmmm… Are we seeing a correlation here? Possibly, but who knows maybe it’s just a coincidence.

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Beckham is undoubtedly an emotional player, and when you try to force a player to keep their emptions tucked away it can result in on and off the field antics.

Remember Terrell Owens and Randy Moss? Two of the game’s all-time best wide receivers, and they were insane in the membrane.

OBJ is no different, and to make matters worse he’s young and has a boat load of cash. After making “The Catch,” he was catapulted into stardom, and just like his buddy Justin Bieber, they both started doing stupid stuff.

But the best way for players to learn their limits, is to reach them. And forcing Beckham to hold back and keep his emotions on the sidelines doesn’t work too well. Since his battle with Josh Norman OBJ has been much less of a disaster. Why? Because he learned his limits.

So, does this have anything to do with Odell playing better in 2017? Not at all, but the stats don’t lie, meaning we could be in for a treat come September and maybe even some new dance moves.

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