New York Giants: ESPN Releases World Fame 100 Rankings

ESPN has released their World Fame 100 rankings, and two New York Giants players have found themselves among the ranks.

ESPN released their annual “World Fame 100” rankings. Ben Alamar, ESPN's director of analytics, devised a formula that combines endorsements with social media following and internet search popularity to create this list.

The New York Giants have never held the spotlight in the NFL besides their Super Bowl victories. The team out of East Rutherford, New Jersey may not fair well in a world fame ranking process. But how would their players?

ESPN’s “World Fame” ranking does include two of the Giants top players. Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.. ranked in the 60s in the world.

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First on the board is Eli Manning is at the 60th ranking. It is surprising to see Eli on this list so high and passed many global stars. Manning doesn’t scream out superstar status. Eli is a player who shows up everyday and does his job. That being said, Eli has been the Giants’ quarterback for 201 straight games.

There are other factors that can attribute to Eli’s fame. With the departure of brother Peyton, Eli becomes the lone Manning left in the league. Eli has also heightened his fame from the two Super Bowl victories over Tom Brady (who ranks 21st) and the Patriots. Also, Manning is still ranked 6th for American Football player without any social media presence.

Odell Beckham Jr. was ranked shortly after his quarterback at 64th.  Odell’s ranking is surprising because of the spotlight on him throughout last season.

He is a new generation athlete, which means he is active on social media, into fashion, and involves himself with outside celebrities. It would seem Odell fits Alamar’s criteria for this “World Fame” ranking but is on the bottom half of the list.

Odell’s fame started with the one-handed catch against the Dallas Cowboys in 2014. Since then, Beckham has been a must see talent in the NFL.

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His fame doesn’t come from purely his skill set, but his personality and actions on the sideline. Beckham had a struggling beginning in the 2016-17 season but was in the spotlight due to a battle with a kicking net.

Beckham has 7.8 million Instagram and 2.1 million Twitter followers. Social media took over with memes about Odell and the net. Odell always seems to stay current on social media.

Odell also surrounds himself with big personalities like Justin Bieber and the Kardashians. Most non-football fans are aware of Odell Beckham because of those connections.

Many people would say having those connections would take away from his game and hurt him in the long run. An example is this past season where Giants players were seen on a boat in Miami before their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers.

The fame of Odell will continue to increase and his ranking will most likely improve next year. Giants’ fans are hoping his fame comes from his success on the field and not partying with celebrities.

As for Eli, his fame will only increase by his play on the gridiron. Both are in line for an increase in popularity, as the Giants should rank high within the NFL. The spotlight may widen from Manning and Beckham to the entire New York Giants.

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