New York Giants: Roger Lewis Arrested on OVI Charges

New York Giant's receiver Roger Lewis has been arrested for driving under the influence.

New York Giants reserve receiver Roger Lewis was arrested over the weekend for operating a vehicle under the influence. 

According to TMZ Sports, Lewis' 2012 Audi was pulled over by a police cruiser, in which the strong smell of marijuana was leaking through the windows of the car. 

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When asked to take a breathalyzer test, Lewis refused and was eventually taken into custody at around 5 PM on an OVI charge. 

Lewis was eventually released to a friend several hours later, but the trouble for him is yet to come.

Lewis has been a quality backup player behind the Giants' starting receivers. 

In 2012, Lewis was charged with two counts of rape, making this his second serious offense. The Giants gave him a second chance at life with a contract, and expected only white collar actions from the Bowling Green product.

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The initial reason for his pulling over was for speeding and tinted windows, but during the stop the police officers smelled the marijuana and were forced to take action.

The Giants have yet to comment on the arrest,  but nothing has been reported as of yet.

After the Josh Brown debacle and John Mara's comments last week, the Giants will be forced to take serious actions against Lewis, which could ultimately result in his release. 

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