Would Nick Mangold Make Sense For the New York Giants?

Former New York Jet Nick Mangold is still sitting on the free-agent market, should the G-Men consider singing him to a reserve role?

The New York Giants are only one decent offensive line away from having a high-octane offense with Super Bowl capabilities. 
It's possible they've already found the answers with D.J. Fluker and tight end Rhett Ellison, but could it hurt to entertain the idea of bringing Mangold on?
The former Jet has valuable knowledge he could instill in the younger lineman, and if center Weston Richburg were to get injured, he could be a quality reinforcement. 
Mangold has been the best player on the Jets for years, and after gang green decided to clean house, he was a casualty of war. 
He has made appearances in seven pro bowls and has twice been named an All-Pro. There's no doubt that Mangold still has some juice left in the tank, and that he could contribute in some fashion.
Despite being a pure-bread center, the Giants could attempt to utilize him at right guard or tackle. Although the technique is different, it couldn't hurt to test his adaptation.


In 2016, Mangold was set to earn a hefty $6 million dollars, way out of the Giants' price range. 
He could be willing to take a massive pay-cut to secure a roster spot on a playoff caliber team, but his priorities are yet to be seen. 
Paying over $2 million for a player that would serve a reserve role or an optimistic right guard/tackle is risky, but investments don't always show a return. 
If the Giants have the cap-room and are willing to splash a bit of cash for the aging center, it 'could' work out in their favor. 
Regardless, if Jerry Reese decides to horde his cash, he will have a bit more room to deal with in 2018 when Odell Beckham Jr's. mega contract comes to fruition. 

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