New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. Hosts Successful Kids Camp

Odell Beckham Jr. spent his weekend hosting a camp for kids, in which hundreds were in attendance. Several other Giants also were involved in camps, inspiring kids to reach for their dreams. 

The New York Giants have a team of white collar individuals, despite the more recent slip ups with Josh Brown and Roger Lewis. Exempting those players, the rest of the team speaks with their actions and not their words, reaching out to the community and lending a helping hand. 

Star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been dealing with harsh criticism as of late, but his Citi OBJ Football Pro Camp headlined the most recent news regarding his whereabouts. 

His inspiring actions have healed his image to a certain degree, and head coach Ben McAdoo must be thrilled his star player is out helping the community. 

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OBJ commented on his time with the kids, stating "Give it your best every single time, win, lose, or draw. Teach them how to come back after losing, and not how to accept losing, but how to get better."

The words spoken by Beckham can even be relevant to his own story.

Losing against the Packers last season caused him to punch a hole in the wall at Lambeau field, but instead of sulking for months he used that to get better and move forward.

A strong statement by a world-class talent. 

Giants' linebacker Johnathan Casillas also hosted a camp for kids, maintaining his ever positive image. The man is a saint, and his eagerness to give back is inspiring and leaves a mark on an organization built around community and success.

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Overall, it has been a great start to the break before training camp, hopefully McAdoo won't be getting any late-night phone calls anytime soon. 

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