Fassel talks about the game

That is a tough one. Very difficult. Those are two good teams that went after each other and played hard until the end. I am proud of my guys and the way that they kept fighting back.

We made enough mistakes and that and special teams cost us the game. But like I told my guys in training camp, we are going to play hard sometimes and it is not going to work out, it is going to be a bitter pill to swallow, but the teams who end up at the end on top are the teams that know how to get through it. We have a short week, it hurts badly right now. As quickly as we can we have to get our chins up and get back to work, play better next week.

Q - Did Bryant explain to you what happened on that kick off?

A - That was a deep middle squib. I didn't plan on having the ball at the forty yard line with no time on the clock.

Q - Did you think of running another play when you kicked the field goal on the second down.

A - No I didn't. There are pluses and minuses; it's wet, although it has been perfectly fine and no problems, that is when you overlook things, a rookie center in there, I got wet balls, there was no sense in doing that. I couldn't, I have to run a play if I am not going to use a time out, it is a long story. There are certain things that I have to do be able to do and I think that we have to be able to make a field goal and save the timeout in case we had a bad snap. We kick the ball down there, squib it, keep it inside and we'll probably take five seconds off of the clock and they'll have it at the twenty-five, thirty yard line, making them make about a forty-five yard play to get in field goal range.

Q - In the second half Kerry seemed to have more help from the offensive line -

A - I got back to some things, we had got away from some stuff, I just got back to some things that went into effect the second half of last season and called the game accordingly.

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