Fassel faces the Ballcoach this week

Conference Call with Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier<BR><BR>

Q: How many players have you changed this year? How many do you still want to change?

A: We changed about a third of our team I would guess, probably about 15 of the 45 players, we still have a lot of players that we had here last year, most of them are defensive guys; Champ Bailey, LaVar (Arrington), Jessie Armstead, Jeremiah (Trotter) and so forth. So our defense personnel hasn't changed all that much. Offensively of course adding (Laveranues) Coles and (Trung) Canidate gives us a little bit more speed on our offense team and so forth. But our kickers, John Hall has been obviously a wonderful addition also, Chad Morton catching punts and kickoffs also and Randy Thomas one of guards, so those four Jet players perform very well.

Q: Has Laveranues Coles turned your whole passing game around?

A: Well certainly he is a player that as an offensive coach you figure out how we can get his hands on it as much as possible. So we've tried to do that but Rod Gardner and (Darnerian) McCants, these other players are fine receivers also. We realize that we can't go to Laveranues all the time but certainly most of the balls; he should get more thrown at them than any of the other receivers, put it that way.

Q: What did you make of the Giants on Monday Night Football?

A: That was a heartbreaker, man that was a heartbreaker. I mean to kick a field goal with eleven seconds left and still somehow not win the game. It is a heartbreaker, disappointing but it is a long season and I'm sure they know that. Coach Fassel I'm sure has got them ready to play. When that happens to you, you are sort of in the dumps for a day or two and then you realize hey, we have to go play, so I am sure that the Giants are feeling that way and come Sunday they will be rolling to go.

Q: What impresses you the most about this Giants team?

A: I have been mainly watching their defensive team which I think is very good. I know that they have given up some yards here and there but they are an outstanding team; pass rush, coverage, corners, linebackers, D-Line. They got good players who play extremely hard, put a lot of effort, they are well coached, all of those kinds of things.

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