Dolphins QB Fiedler's thoughts on Big Blue

"They've given up some big plays..."-Dolphins QB Jay Fiedler<BR><BR>

(On if the Giants pass defense is better than their 32nd NFL ranking would indicate) - "There's no doubt it. We were ranked 32nd in pass defense before the Buffalo game and I don't think we have the worst secondary or the worst pass defense in the league. Especially this early in the season, stats can be very deceiving."

(On if he thinks the Dolphins pass offense will have some opportunities against the Giants) - "They've given up some big plays, and those are the things that we want to take advantage of, whether it be downfield plays or hitting guys underneath and getting the run after the catch, which is what you see an awful lot on film against them."

(On what he's seen on film from the Giants defense) - "They've got some great players over there. First of all, you have to look at Michael Strahan and what he's done over the past few years. Statistically, I think he's gotten off to a little slower start than normal for him. He's still a heck of a player who you have to keep an eye on and make sure you always account for. They've got a great defense against the run. They've stopped the run against almost everyone. They've been giving up some plays in the passing game, but they're close on a lot of that, too. You can't just go in and say that we're definitely going to get those plays. We have to go out there and make those plays."

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