Tom Brady gives thoughts on Big Blue

He is a guy that you always have to account for.-Patriots QB Brady on Michael Strahan

Q: Talk about the Giants.

A: I think the one thing this team has proven is that they play under pressure. A lot of things that have come out of there haven't been as positive as Giants teams in the past. Whenever that has happened they seem to turn it around. I think we are going to get their best shot. That is what we expect and that is what we are going to expect. We are pretty familiar with them playing them in the preseason and playing them last year in the preseason. They are kind of a familiar opponent.

Q: What is your approach to keying on Michael Strahan?

A: He is a guy that you always have to account for. He can terrorize a game. He is everything that you can ask for in a player. He is tough,strong, quick rush to the passer, plays the run great. He is going to be a guy that we are going to have to account for on every play. They have other guys like that too. That whole defensive line is good. The linebackers are athletic, strong and tough. The secondary is very athletic and tough as well. I think that is how their coach wants them to play and those are the kind of players they got. They do a good job running what their coach teaches them.

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