Giants vs. Vikings Injury Report

Vikings all-pro wide receiver Randy Moss must be thrilled with the prospects of facing Giants cornerback Ralph Brown in certain situations. Brown is starting for the injured Will Peterson who is most likely out for the next 6-8 weeks. Will Allen will probably cover Moss most of the game. <BR><BR>

Big Blue comes into the game in pretty good shape despite Peterson and kicker Matt Bryant listed as out. Tight end Jeremy Shockey is listed as probable with a lingering foot problem but will still be counted on as a significant portion of the offense.

Minnesota, on the other hand, comes in with a few minor injuries in their wide receiver corps to D'Wayne Bates and Kelly Campbell. Both are expected to play though as they are listed as probable.

New York Giants

OUT: K Matt Bryant (hamstring); CB William Peterson (back)

DOUBTFUL: WR Willie Ponder (hip)

PROBABLE: TE Jeremy Shockey (foot)

Minnesota Vikings

DOUBTFUL: LB Raonall Smith (hamstring)

PROBABLE: WR D'Wayne Bates (foot); WR Kelly Campbell (calf); DT Billy Lyon (leg)

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