A Q&A with Tiki Barber

"I am right at the peak now."-Tiki Barber <BR><BR>

Q: Are you at the top of your career right now?

A: I am right at the peak now. Hopefully I have a few good years left in me where I can continue to do the things that I have been doing. Hopefully I put the record out there; eventually someone will come along and break it - Frank's held for a long time. But it is something that gets me excited; something my kids will be able to look at and say 'my daddy was pretty good when he was younger.'

Q: The Jets really have struggled so far this year?

A: They've struggled in some areas but this a bend-don't-break defense because if you look at the numbers, the numbers will lie to you just like the numbers on our team will lie to you. They don't give up a lot as far as touchdowns and whatnot. They give up a lot of yardage in the running game but the passing game - I think they are second or third in the league. They have their make-ups for some of the mistakes that they have been making; it is just a matter of them getting on track, just like we need to get on track.

Q: Is this game 'the Jets game' or just another game on the schedule?

A: Quite obviously it is just the next game because of where we are respectively with our records and where we need to be for the season. I don't think either one of has lived up to expectations that other people set for us and we set for ourselves. It doesn't matter who we are playing the next week; we have to find a way to win.

It will be juice for the media; it will be juice for the fans. It's their home game; an away game for us, so it will be loud and a little bit tough to play. But for us we are taking it as - we have to win. If it was someone else coming to town we would have that same attitude.

Q: How much did getting the running game going affect getting the passing game going?

A: I think the passing game helped open up the running game a little bit to tell you the truth because we were committed to throwing the ball down the field and getting guys out of the box and giving us some running lanes. We started running the ball early; it is hard to say what helps what - what came first the chicken or the egg? It is just a matter of doing both well and they both open up for you and allowed us to make some big plays when we needed to.

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