Kerry Collins Q&A - Redskins

Here's a sampling of what Giants QB Kerry Collins had to say before the Redskins game:

Q: As a quarterback, do you have to worry about Champ Bailey, Fred Smoot and Darrell Green, who are all so talented that at any given moment they could just make a play?

A: No question. They are very talented and at any given time, that talent could come out and make you look bad. You have to be careful; you have to know what you are up against. Some people are talking about how they scored this many points against them. I am not listening to any of that because they have good players. They just haven't put it all together yet.

Q: Coach Fassel said it was kind of like a "trap game" because you guys win a big game, an emotional game and they are 0-3.

A: They have a chip on their shoulder, there is no doubt about it. They are much maligned down there, I'm sure. I haven't heard anything but I know people are giving them a hard time down there. They have guys with a lot of pride. They've got guys who've been around for a long time, good players and they are going to come up here ready to play. If we think any differently, we are kidding ourselves. They are going to come up here looking to get back on track and I'm sure they feel that there is no better place to do it than up here, so we better be ready to play.

Q: Assess your own play thus far

A: I feel good about where I am. I thought the Denver game was was ok. The Chiefs game was a tough game. I look back on it and I don't know what we expected of ourselves, to really go out there and be on top of our game. I thought last week was a good game because it was a tough game. Things weren't going our way a lot of time. It was a tough day to play quarterback against that team, but I was still able to make the play at the end of the game to help the team get the win. So from that standpoint, I feel good. As far as overall confidence level with where I am with this team and the offense, I feel great. I feel very comfortable. I have a great grasp on the offense. It is even better than it was at any point last year, so I am very confident with where I am right now and how I am playing.

INJURY REPORT RB Tiki Barber (hamstring) will be a game-time decision. LG Glenn Parker (concussion) will not play. Everyone else is expected to play.

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