Bryant update

Kicker Matt Bryant, who has been sidelined with a pulled hamstring since Oct. 5, hopes to kick "10 extra points at half-speed" this week. But he doesn't know when he will be healthy enough to return. <BR><BR>

In his absence, Brett Conway has made nine of 12 field goal attempts and scored 32 points - five more than Bryant. Conway kicked the game-winning 29-yard field goal against the Jets, after missing a 39-yarder earlier in overtime.

At some point, Jim Fassel must decide what to do with the kickers.

"When Matt gets healthy, I will make that decision," Fassel said. "But Matt is going to be in a different category than a player. A player can be questionable all week and not do a lot - you can work him out the day of the game and make a decision as to whether he can play or he can't play. That won't be the case with Matt. Matt is going to have to show me all week long that he can kick - he's going to have to kick on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and kick and kick off and have no problems. My gut also tells me that the first game he is back, I may carry two kickers in the game anyhow, just because I might need to. It always scares every coach - you have one kicker, one punter and if you lose them you have real problems, so I will probably carry two of them the first week back."

Fassel said he might keep both kickers on the roster for the rest of the season.

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