Fassel goes up against the man he replaced

"You have to commend them for an unbelievable job that they have done."-Former Giants and current Falcons head coach Dan Reeves <BR><BR>

Q: Have you reached a point where maybe you have had enough of this?

A: Enough of losses or enough of coaching?

Q: Enough of coaching.

A: No, I still enjoy it. Certainly it's very difficult to enjoy when you are in the middle (or hopefully at the end) of a seven game losing streak. Every week is a challenge. No question about that. I have never been a quitter. I have preached that to players and playing one play at a time, one game at a time, and one day at a time. That is what I am trying to do. I don't try to look any further than today, what is the best thing for us to do today to try to get better.

Q: I am sure in the middle of a losing streak you weren't to amused to hear that Deion Sanders wants a job?

A: I would love for Deion to come and take my job and do the hours I do and I'll work his hours and be a comedian. I could do a good job of that.

Q: Is that frustrating or embarrassing for him to even bring that up?

A: There isn't much you can do about it. I don't worry about things that I really don't have any control over. There are a lot of things that happen in coaching that you don't have control over. You have to focus on the things you can control and don't worry about those things. There are a lot of things that hurt you - not so much that it hurts you - it hurts that love you, your family, friends, people that really care about you. Things that are written, things that are said, yes, it bothers me but I can handle it. It's the hurt that comes from people that you know are hurting because of you. You kind of bought some hurt and those things that are being said that hurts people they really can't do anything about it.

Q: Given your career accomplishments it was just sort of a disrespect of what you had done that he would even say that.

A: Well, again, like I said. I don't worry - it doesn't bother me. A lot of times that is what they try to do - they try to create controversy. They try to shock people with what they say. And in Deion's case, he may truly believe that. It would be interesting to see.

Q: You have waited for number 200; will it be sweet to finally get it?

A: I'm trying to get number two. The players need number two a hell of a lot worse than I need number 200. I would like to get 200. I wish it had happened about seven games ago but it hasn't and it's frustrating. I just remember being in New York and Wellington said to me when Mr. Tisch bought the team he wanted 10 years of fun. He said it would take you 30 years to have 10 years of fun. I think he is right. I have been in here a long time and about one out of every three is really a lot of fun.

Q: Are you surprised that the Giants are four and four?

A: Well, you look at their record and the games that they have played; they could certainly be a heck of a lot better. You have to commend them for an unbelievable job that they have done. They have young players that are stepping up and are playing really well for them. Collins is doing a heck of a job. Toomer and Hilliard and Shockey and Barber - they have a lot of weapons. Their defense is also playing really well.

Q: Does Strahan look to you about as good as he has ever played?

A: He is always a hell of a competitor. You look at a game, there are going to be four players that are going to make the difference between winning and losing. A lot of times he is the difference. He steps up and makes plays that turn the complexion of the game around.

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