Special teams mess

It's safe to say that future Hall-of-Fame return man Brian Mitchell has never seen anything quite like New York's special teams. Mitchell, suffering through an abysmal statistical season, has been very careful not to be critical of his new mates. That's probably about one missed block away from coming to an end. <BR><BR>

Mitchell says he knows exactly who the few players are that continually miss blocks, especially on the punt return unit. And he plans to speak up the next time he sees an unsatisfactory effort.

"If it's a match-up problem, just speak up," Mitchell said. "I'm going to start calling guys out; I know who they are." Mitchell believes one of the problems is that the Giants don't take special teams as seriously as most other teams.

"When I was in Philadelphia, everyone but (QB Donovan) McNabb was available to play specials," he said. "That's how it should be."

For example, reserve DE Keith Washington has been a special teams contributor throughout his career, yet he wasn't even asked to partake in the Big Apple. Since Washington clearly wanted to be involved, Mitchell went to special teams coach Bruce Read, who in turn enlisted Washington for ST duty.

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