Bucs' DT Sapp shows respect for Strahan

"...I love the way he rushes the passer and I think he has the same admiration for me."-Bucs' defensive tackle Warren Sapp on Michael Strahan<BR><BR>

Q&A with Warren Sapp

Q: What have you seen about the Giants' offensive line, kind of young, but anything that you have seen that you are looking at this week?

A: Tiki Barber is a good running back that likes to bounce it outside with good speed, good quickness. They have some wide receivers that can stretch the field and do some special things. Kerry Collins throws a good deep ball, real good deep ball that we have watched on film. We have to be on top of our game. If we can get this running game under control, then it is just a matter of can we rush and can we cover on them. I think we feel pretty good about our pass defense against this ball club.

Q: How surprised are you at how your season has gone?

A: It's disheartening at times when we are not doing what we are doing on the practice field and lead it over to and transfer it over the playing field on Sundays and Mondays and get ourselves some wins and put us in a better position than we are right now at four and six. It's something we have got to get fixed and right now is no better task than two desperate teams fighting their way in or out of the playoffs this Monday night.

Q: How do you like doing your TV show with Michael Strahan?

A: It's beautiful. It's just one of those deals where we can't physically choke or grab each other, so it's alright. Just two guys who have been in this league for quite a while and does some good things in it, and we are just trying to shed a better light on the game and how we play it and some of the intricacies of the game and I think me and him do a good job.

Q: If you were in the same studio would there be danger of you choking each other?

A: No. The thing that most people don't understand about me and Strahan is, if we were given 20 questions, he would get 20 and I would get 20. We would agree on 18 of those 20 subjects.

Q: Is one of the things that you don't agree on the legitimacy of his sack a few years ago?

A: Something like that. You know it's okay. He kind of said the last time we had our little spat, he said, 'the sack record was broke the week before because the last one doesn't really count.' That is just a little joke between me and him. I let it go; he has let it go. It's not something where it is an animosity thing. It is just one of those deals where they come too hard to be given to you that easily, and that was my only point and I think we kind of agree on that one.

Q: Do you guys have a mutual respect for one another; how would you characterize your relationship?

A: Definitely a mutual respect. Because I love the way he rushes the passer and I think he has the same admiration for me. But it is one of those deals, that when you are fighting for the same prize in your trophy case, it becomes a little personal for you sometimes. It was just one of those deals where I had a strong opinion about it and I really believe rushers all over the world would agree with me with that. It is just one of those deals where we don't see eye-to-eye on that one; so, so be it.

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