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"They are moving the ball up and down the field."-Bills head coach Gregg Williams on Giants <BR><BR>

Q&A with Bills coach Gregg Williams

Q: Do you see similarities between your team's situation and the Giants with the expectations?

A: Oh sure. There are some similarities there. They are a good football team. They have battled through some tough times and been spectacular at times. We are going to have to play very well to come down there to get a win because they have some big-play ability and we are going to have to work hard on our matchups to go down there and play well.

Q: Is it difficult to get the team up each and every game, especially now that you do have seven losses?

A: Really, it never has been. In all of the years that I have been in this league I don't think I have ever been around a team in the league - these are prideful men - I don't think you would ask the doctor that when he is going into surgery on a tough surgery, either. These guys are pros, they enjoy playing the game. During a week of practice there is so much work and so much hard work in the meetings and in the rehabs and in the strength and the conditioning part of it. They love to play on Sundays. You get to Sunday and you enjoy Sundays and these guys love to play the game. Those are the kind of players we have brought in here; those are the kind of players we kept when we came in here. That is not a problem.

Q: In teams of this year, you came into this season in the final year of a contract. A lot of teams don't do that - let a coach go into his final season of a contact. Has that been difficult for you at all?

A: No it hasn't. It's one of those things that was discussed in the offseason and I was fine with that. I have a good job and still a lot of season left. That has not been a distraction to me at all.

Q: You mentioned the big-play ability of the Giants, but it is really something that has been missing from their offense, particular the last three weeks. I think they have scored two touchdowns in three weeks. In watching the film what ways are they sticking out about what has been going wrong with them?

A: I saw them make some awfully good plays on Monday Night Football. Maybe they gave some plays down the field, they have a drop here or there, they have got a big hit here or there and they have had a penalty to stop the drive. In this breakdown we are hard-pressed to prepare for a team all year long that has as many offensive plays as the Giants. They have 80, 81, 83, 79, 77 plays in a game. They are moving the ball up and down the field. There are similarities to us on getting it into the end zone. Some tough times, but they have been playing people close, playing people tough. We are going to have to play well. We have a lot of respect for them and their players and some of the matchups that we are going to have to play very well on.

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