Fassel gets ripped off

Back in a minute…

That's what Jim Fassel thought as he ran into a gasoline convenience store to grab a drink with his car still running. Within seconds, a thief was inside his two-week-old Mercedes E430, and Fassel's car was gone.

"I thought New Jersey was all full serve," RB Tiki Barber laughed. On Thursday night, Fassel pulled into an Exxon station on Route 17, but saw that the lines for gas were too long.

"I pulled up right outside the door," he recalled. "I was in and out [in] about one minute, so I just left the key in the car. I never do that. I lock my car in my own garage."

On his way out of the store, Fassel saw a man getting into his car, but wasn't concerned in the least. "There was a paint truck there and they were doing some work," Fassel said. "I thought maybe they needed access to the paint truck, so the guy was just going to move my car. Then he got in and I started walking toward him. When he spun the wheels and started gunning it, I thought, 'he's not moving my car. He's taking it.' " With a line of cars blocking the exit to the gas station, and with traffic heavy on Route 17, Fassel ran toward the highway. "I was going to stop all the traffic on 17 so the guy couldn't get out of the parking lot," he said. "But he drove over the grass, drove on the shoulder and took off."

After calling the police, Fassel dialed his cell phone and was shocked to hear a voice on the other end. Fassel ripped into the guy for being so foolish since the cell phone calls were traceable and the man was likely videotaped outside the Exxon. However, the guy fired right back at the coach, accusing him of being stupid for leaving his car running. The police took Fassel back to Giants Stadium and Special Teams Coach Fred von Appen gave him a ride home. This is the second time that Fassel had a car lifted, the first coming in 1997, his first season in New York. C Dusty Zeigler found plenty of humor in the news. "I'm going to hand out flyers," he said. "Meet Jim Fassel, steal his car and he'll call you. "You want to meet Jim Fassel? Steal his car and he'll give you a call."

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