Strahan supports Fassel

"I don't think he should go anywhere. I think he should be here. I think he's done a phenomenal job."-Strahan on Fassel <BR><BR>

This is an excerpt from a recent exclusive sit-down between Michael Strahan and TGI's Ken Palmer, in which Strahan clearly and fully supports his embattled coach.

Q: What are your thoughts on Coach Fassel's future?

A: I don't think it should be it for him. I really don't. I think he's done a phenomenal job in his seven years here. He's done more than what a lot of people expected. I really think this was the first time in seven years that we had the type of talent here to do what everyone expected us to do. Now that we didn't do it, all of a sudden he should be fired? No one wants to say that he did great coaching jobs when we didn't have talent - like when we went to the Super Bowl and went to the playoffs. I think it's just an unfair business in that regard. I feel horrible for him. It's not like we're not prepared for games. When you win everyone likes to stand around and take credit. But when you lose, everything goes to one person. At some point as players, you have to accept responsibility for not making plays and giving the other team the ball. It's not a one-way street and it's not just one person's problem.

Q: Will you share your opinion on Fassel with management?

A: Management doesn't ask me anything. The only people that ask me are (the media) and I give my opinion. I don't think he should go anywhere. I think he should be here. I think he's done a phenomenal job. This is the first time he's actually had talent and it just didn't work out. But at the same time, when he didn't he did a phenomenal job. In this business in the last seven years, I think his record is right up there with anybody else's. I know as fans that might be hard to accept, but for somebody that's been here everyday and knows who's out there in the league, I think we're fortunate to have him as a coach.

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