Jim Fassel speaks

Giants Head Coach Jim Fassel

After watching the tape, I'm just very disappointed in the outcome of that game. I thought we worked hard, our guys worked hard all week, I thought we prepared well, I thought we had a good plan to beat them, and I thought we had the right attitude to beat them. I think this team has grown in many aspects that I'm proud of our mental toughness and our competitive level against a very good football team in their arena. I'm disappointed that we made some critical mistakes, and we didn't execute some things that would have allowed us to win the ball game.

We played very hard; I don't know of any teams that I have been around that fought as hard as we fought and did everything we could do to win the game and then make some mistakes that cost us the game which I think is a huge swing for us.

That would have been a big win in our pocket, but that is not there. It is a loss, we deal with it and we have to move on, but there are a lot of things that I spoke to my staff about some things that we are going to hone in on, and get on some guys about. I don't like playing games and playing as hard and preparing and working and feeling like your plan is good and doing a couple of things, not a lot, just a couple of things that cost you the ball game. That bothers me as a coach more than anything. From an injury standpoint we came out of the game okay.

I think Keith Hamilton is a pretty tough guy and will be able to play through it. It might affect him a little bit, but I think he will be able to play through it. Will Allen and Ron Dixon probably are most in doubt will some ankle sprains. They are just normal ankle sprains; they aren't anything more severe. Tiki ran today and he seemed like he was much improved.

What about Barrow?

Barrow should be fine. He has a hip-pointer, which is just a bone bruise but very painful. You probably wont have any idea about Allen until Thursday? I would say so, a little better of an indication by Thursday. They checked him out, he had some x-rays, and everything is fine. It is just a normal ankle sprain. He gutted it out; he went through it.

If Barrow's injury is so painful, why isn't he more in doubt?

Because with hip-pointers you can pad them and help him with it. It is just a bruise, it isn't a break in a bone, a torn ligament, or a pulled muscle; it is just a bruise. He got hit somewhere and it is sore but there is nothing wrong with it, although it is painful. By the time we play next Monday he will be fine.

What do you think that you will learn from the tape?

I think there are things that we need to teach. We could teach off of that. One example of that was the last play of the game. The guy blitzed off Joe's nose. We have to flatten that, we have to choke our motor, and not go full speed. You cannot go that fast down the field with a safety barreling down on you, looking for the ball. That will happen a lot of times. You can get hurt, or you could have the ball fly up. Those are things we can teach off the film.

What should the receiver have done on the last play?

He should flatten a little bit, under control running. The defender is going to get you, so don't go running at him at full speed. He should have slowed down.

Did the Sam Garnes penalty look like pass interference?

One thing I said to myself is that I already called the league office, so I don't want to comment on the officiating. I do not want to talk about it.

You did call the league office?

I did. I called.

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