Strahan press conference

Michael Strahan

Re: Playing two close games in a row and losing

That is the way it works sometimes. We have to play better at the end, if we do that we are 5-1 instead of 3-3.

Did you get a sense in the first half, when the offense had the ball for 25 minutes but only put 9 points on the board, that that could come back and haunt this team?

No, not really. I thought that they would continue to move the ball and eventually something would happen, but that is the way it happens sometimes. Nine points in some games is what you have to take and sometimes that is enough to win. It just wasn't good enough today.

Did they do anything different late in the game, as far as protection for McNabb?

I don't know; I am going to have to watch the film to tell you. It is a little too fresh on my mind to look back in my mind and see what they did, but he did have some time back there, he did make some plays, and he scrambled at the end to seal it for them.

It seemed like they made some adjustments in the second half, to give Runyan some help with you.

You know you guys, when you say stuff like that, it really shows that you don't understand the game of football. Really.

When you have twenty other guys out there with us, it is not a game of John Runyan and me, it is a game of the New York Giants defense against the Eagles' offense. I'm tired of it, I think he is tired of it, Andy Reid is tired of it. It is a game, a team game, it is not a John Runyan-Michael Strahan game, so please understand that.

With that said, were you guys a bit worn out as the game went on because you were on the field so much in the second half?

No, I don't think so. We weren't on it enough in the first half to really get tired. In the second half, they just made some plays, when they needed to make them. At the end it was a great play that they made- Donovan got out of the pocket and threw a strike.

Re: thoughts on this loss.

You want to win- you want to win home games, you want to win division games, but at the same time we have 10 more to go. We have to go to Philly and play them there, we have the Redskins, the Cowboys- there are a lot of teams left in this division to play. The season is not in any way, shape, or form over. We have a long way to go, and who is to say we can't win the next ten games?

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