Caoch says "Offense WILL get better"

I talked to the team this morning at practice; I believe in this group, I believe in their resolve and I believe in their toughness. They went out today and to a degree challenged them, and to a degree put some things out for them. I did not want to come out to practice, after I made the groundwork for some things, like a bunch of whipped puppies. I thought they went out with a resolve and an enthusiasm that I want.

 I want to a personality on this team, I want us to have a toughness, I want us to look like we love to play football, and I want us to practice that way. And they went out that way today and practiced.

Offensively, we need to deliver the punch coming down the wire. I don't expect anything else coming out of this game. I think in all games in the NFL, the minute you figure that you can beat a team, you are in trouble. Washington is playing a lot better; they won last week. We have to be ready to go in there and play a very solid football game if we have any dreams of winning the game, and we need to win the game.

....I think that we've played four teams that people think are really outstanding, that could go to the Super Bowl. I think we could have won the past two games against two very good football teams, but all I know is that I don't like looking behind. We have to move on and look forward. I only look backward to see how we can improve.

… I looked at every play we had in the red area and the difference is running the ball well and connecting on our throws, they didn't have to be in the end zone. The bottom line to some degree, wewere running the ball better before, which allowed us on second and six to throw it or run it again.

…I have called one offensive play in two years. The Dallas one, I decided to go for it on 4th and 1. I asked him (Sean Peyton) what are you going to call? I wanted to see what he said. He had a plan, then I said no, I want to run the bootleg, then we threw the naked out of the back hit Pete Mitchell. If there was another one, it might have been. I don't remember. The only time that I get into those are in sticky situations, if I'm going to go for it.

…The offense will get better, it definitely will get better. That's not wishful thinking. I'm going to push and be in people's drawers as much as I have to be to get it going. On the other hand, I have confidence in them that we can. I can't give them an injection to give them a confidence or a swagger, they've got to go out and do it. They've got to go out and compete; we've got to have hungriness about us.

...The mentality of  'it's the play' more than the execution is poisonous on offense. It's poison. I've always believed that. I always cringe. I cringed when I was running it. It's the plays. That's malarkey. I've been doing this for a long time, and any coach you talk to when you look at the end of the season, it's that. That doesn't mean that you can just put it on the players. As coaches you have the responsibility to make sure that guy executes properly. That's our job. It's a double-edged sword. We're both accountable for that. That's what I told the offensive staff, and that's what I told the players, I hold them accountable. I give everybody the opportunities, and I hold you accountable to get it done. That's a better room than it was five years ago. We have much greater opportunity with the talent that's in that room. We need to perform and we need to show it.

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